Hotspot shield VPN fixes vulnerabilities that reveal user information

One of the main roles of the VPN service is to protect the privacy of the user. There are many companies that collect as much user data as possible


The weakness of hotspot shield VPN location
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One of the main roles of a VPN service is to protect user privacy. There are many companies that are fighting to collect more and more user data and this fact is a major concern for Internet and technology users.

As a result, many people decided to install VPN software on their computers to prevent such attempts.

Unfortunately, recent news has revealed that a special VPN software bug has allowed hackers and attackers to pinpoint the user’s location.

The weakness of the hotspot shield VPN location
The VPN under consideration is the Hotspot Shield VPN, and the person who spread the news is Paulus Yello, an expert investigating the security of the application and the aggressive exploitation by the client.

Recently, I’ve been interested in VPN clients. I was focusing my research on a commercial VPN client with 2M + installed. One client who was standing had a hotspot shield. [1] Analyzing this request, I noticed a bug that allows the disclosure of sensitive information and easy compromise.

They discovered that the threat could primarily reveal location data, including the country where users are located, the name of the Wi-Fi network, and in some extreme cases, even the IP address.


Apparently, this piece of news embarrassed the company behind Hotspot Shield VPN, Ankerfree, but they reacted quickly.

Fortunately, they had already identified this serious threat last week, so now everything is back.

If you haven’t updated your VPN software in a while, it means your computer is still weak. Hurry up and check for updates as soon as possible to make sure you’re getting the latest Hotspot Shield version available.

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