How To Delete Facebook Account


If like me you had a Facebook account for just small of a period there is maybe too much of your life online or you’re just fed up with sighted your grandmother’s slightly racist Facebook updates.

There are two methods to get free of your Facebook account. The first is ‘deactivating’ your profile this means you can reactivate your account at any opinion. But till then people can’t sight your Facebook timeline or even search for you. While some information may stay observable, like the direct messages you’ve formerly sent.

The other way to remove your Facebook account is to delete

it forever. If you select the more permanent step Facebook will stay the deletion for a few days after the request is made. If you log in during this time, the deletion method will be canceled and your account will be returned

When your account has been permanently deleted there is no way to reactivate your account. Also, it can take up to 90 days for your data saved in its holdup system to be deleted but this information is not available on Facebook through this time.


To briefly deactivate your Facebook account, all you have to do is log onto your profile on the desktop then follow these stages:

  • Succeed the Account menu at the bottom right of the top of any Facebook page in your web browser
  • Select Settings
  • Choose General in the left column
  • Click Manage your account
  • Press Deactivate your account and then confirm your result


As much as we don’t want to acknowledge it, deleting your Facebook account is a severe decision and can impression of how you stop in touch with detached relatives and find social chances with friends.

It’s exactly as simple as following this link and selecting Delete Account.

Before deleting your account forever it may be valued downloading your Facebook data this contains photos and posts you’ve uploaded in the past. To save your data follow these easy stages:

  • When logged in on desktop follow this link Facebook page help how to delete your account.
  • Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of any Facebook page in your web browser
  • Succeed to download a copy of your Facebook data below your account’s top settings

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