New Year 2021 Celebrations Eve At Home Night

New Year 2021

The new year 2021  is about to begin, but people will not be able to celebrate the 2021 new year because of the SOPs issued in view of the coronavirus. According to the French news agency AFP, at least 1.7 million people lost their lives due to Code 19 in 2020 and now the lockdown has been re-imposed due to a new wave of the virus.

From Sydney to Rome, fireworks and live performances can only be seen online or on television screens.

The Pacific islands are protected from the devastating effects of the Corona epidemic but border closures, curfews and lockdowns will make New Year’s celebrations different.

Fireworks will be set off in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, but the number of spectators will be small. Romans will also be able to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display at the ancient Stadium Circus Maximus Online. Artists will also perform in the 2-hour program. Italy, the country most affected by the Corona epidemic, has a lockdown until January 7 and a curfew until 10 a.m. From France to Brazil, police have been deployed to ensure the curfew and curfew until late.

In India too, several states, including Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, have announced curfews and large gatherings on New Year’s Eve.

According to the Indian channel’s website NDTV, the curfew will be effective from 11 pm on Thursday from 6 pm on Friday, during which all gatherings will be banned. No gatherings or events will be allowed in the Indian city of Delhi to celebrate the New Year.

A statement from the Delhi Disaster Management Authority said, “The curfew will be in force from 11 pm on December 31 to 6 pm on January 1, but traffic will not be restricted.”

With 20 new cases of coronavirus reported in the country, the state has directed the provinces to take strict measures to limit New Year celebrations.

The number of new cases in India is 21,822 while the number of deaths due to coronavirus.

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