The Printer will not scan Windows 10 – Fix

Brother printers are known for being reliable, desk-friendly, space-saving, & functional. As you can not only print, but also copy, scan, or fax.

But like every other technology, there are some difficulties here and there for a while after use, depending on how you handle the machine, which is why most devices Do not come with a manual.

However, there aren’t all manual handling steps that are complete for every issue you encounter, such as Brother will not scan the printer when you are using the Windows 10 operating system.

In that case, It is possible that the scanner driver network configuration is incorrect, So we’ve made some improvements when we won’t scan Brother Printer in Windows 10.

Fix: Brother Printer will not scan Windows 10
Check that the machine is running smoothly.
See your connection.
look that the printer is available for the printer.
Check the scanner driver of Brother Printer.
Check the IP address of your brother’s printer.
Set the IP address on the scanner driver
Check the firewall settings
Make sure the control center is running

1. Check that the machine runs smoothly
When you have power on the Brother printer and find that the LCD display is empty, it means that it is off or in sleep mode.

So all you can do is press a button on the printer and see if it wakes you up from sleep, then checks if the printer power cable is plugged into a power outlet and all the power switches are turned on. ۔

Check the LCD display if there are error messages such as paper jam, ink/toner Blank & if there is an error message, troubleshoot to clear it.
2. Check your connection
If you want to use a network scanning tool through a peer-to-peer network. Environment, configure your brother printer, as this server works from a computer, not a client PC.

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