Whats App New Privacy Policy 2021?

The new privacy policy details how WhatsApp shares Facebook information, which was not available in the previous edition, in at least such an expanded format.

Whats App New Privacy Policy 2021
WhatsApp New Privacy Policy 2021

By 8 February 2021, WhatsApp officially revised its terms of service and privacy policy to allow users to continue using the messaging platform. Well, a common procedure in the industry is that If you don’t agree to the new terms, you can delete your accounts.

The Latest Updates

The latest updates provide more information about WhatsApp privacy policy and services.   In addition, there are also updates about how companies are using the services hosted by Facebook to store and manage their chats. The new privacy policy also discusses how WhatsApp and Facebook provide Facebook integration.

For the first time in today’s messaging app, users in India found the new policy pop-up. In the end, the message for What’s app users says, “You are accepting the new conditions and Privacy Policy by tapping AGREE which comes into effect on 8 February 2021. After this date, you may continue using WhatsApp after accepting these updates. If you would like to delete your account and want to get more details you can also visit the Support Centre.”

How to WhatsApp Shares Information With Facebook?

The updated What’s app privacy policy includes a lot more clarity in this new improved version about how WhatsApp shares information with Facebook. Unfortunately, the previous edition never shared such details.

How What’s App Shares Information with Facebook?
How What’s App Shares Information with Facebook?

WhatsApp now discusses in the privacy policy of third-party service providers addresses ”other Facebook Companies” and how it works together to promote “services such as technical infrastructure. Also, market their services; conduct surveys and investigate them; protect users’ integrity; and assist users’ services.”

WhatsApp makes it clear that it is sharing details with “third-party service providers and other Facebook companies…” It is also expanding on utilizing the third-party services incorporated into WhatsApp and again listing other Facebook products. In the previous policy, iCloud or Google Drive, frequently used for backup and message savings.

WhatsApp collected information from the Social Network and also shared information with them, as it said, “Your WhatsApp messages will not be shared on Facebook so that others cannot see them. In fact, Facebook will not use your WhatsApp messages for any other reason than to help us in the operation and delivery of our services.

Moreover, another part in this section describes that when What’s app users rely on “Facebook Company Product or a third-party service, such as when you are using the in-app player to play content from an outsider stage,” a few insights concerning them are educated through Facebook or the outsider help. The new policy includes the IP address in case you are a WhatsApp user.

The New Policy Covers The Global Operations And Data Transfer

The latest Privacy Policy is also expanded to cover global operations and data transfer, and how certain information is exchanged internally with partners and suppliers in compliance with the Privacy Policy and externally with others that you contact in the world. Perhaps, this was not included in the previous Global Operations Privacy Policy section. WhatsApp also reveals that it uses the global infrastructure and data centers of Facebook, even in the USA, for data storage.


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